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AD's and Stimulants//(Effexor + Ritalin + Lamictal = anybody? )

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This is my morning cocktail, with a cuppa tea and danish cookies, anybody has tried this?

What do you think?

If you've had any experiences with SNRI/SSRI and Stimulants please share your exp.

I'm a confessed pseudo-pharmacist .......... where I live there's no such thing as controlled medications when it comes to AD's..... Hahahahaha.

Effexor - 225mg

Ritalin LA - 30mg

Lamictal - 300mg


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I took a similar cocktail once. I had 450mg wellbutrin and 160mg adderall and some unknown amount of lamictal. Guess what happened? I became schizo. I was also detoxing off Abilify at the time (had quit 50mg cold turkey). So, yeah, didn't work for me ;) I kept coming up with another theory ever half hour about who was going to slow torture me til my death and how they might do it. Usually it was someone who i should have no rational reason to be afraid of. That didn't matter though cuz I was "psychic." Yeah, stay away from those stimulants! They make you pleasantly buzzed at first but eventually can cause psychosis if not moderated carefully. I refuse to ever take lamictal again- I forgot my co-workers names on it- and I am typically very good with name. Now I take 2.5mg Abilify, 50mg Trazodone, and 100mg Zoloft.

I quit Wellbutrin cold turkey a couple of months ago and am feeling BETTER actually. I might not even need Abilify anymore becuz my other drugs are not stimulating.

Take care and don't have TOO MUCH FUN. lol

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Dont get me wrong ! DON'T SELF MEDICATE! I'M NOT ENCOURAGING YOU PEOPLE! i just find it funny for me to know so much about this stuff...

My way is the following : I assist every week to my Pdoc...... he knows every single medication I take....... as I'm a controlled case of BPD and a subtle narcissist (controlled, not victorious), we tend to think of ourselves as smarter than doctors......

So, I believe nobody knows the way med's work as the patient does..... There must be a mutual relation of feedback between the doctor and the patient..... U can't allow complete control, as long as you stay safe, dosage-wise trial and error is acceptable....

Again, DON'T SELF MEDICATE, things work different for different people (not so hard to figure out, right?) hehe.

Pardon any missunderstanding.

BTW, Lamictal has been a blessing for me.........I tried Oxicodal, Neurontin, Lyrica...... Lamictal's been the best till now.

Thanks for your opinion Linda.

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