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Clonazepam + Imipramin + Lex

Guest Bob

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Hello All,

I am diagnosed with Psychotic Depression with Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder.

I was hoping to find someone who shares in my drug cocktail.

I am taking 200 mg of Imipramine at night mixed with 10 Mg Lexapro for the depression.

The Lexapro I have been tapering down from 20 mg and hope to be off of this within a month (bad side effects while tapering down).

The Clonazepam .5 mg is used for the Rem Sleep Behavior and it cuts out some of the freaky things relating to psychotic depression.  This has alleviated half of them.

If anyone is familiar with the use of Imipramine and Clonazepam for depression not Panic please respond. 


Bob ( Not my real name) in Pittsburgh

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