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*waves* Oh hai everyone!

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The name's glitterpants. Canadian. Turning 18 in 13 days.

I've been diagnosed with GAD and social anxiety for the past little while, but now I've got a new diagnosis in there. Cyclothymia, possibly bipolar 2. Basically, I've always had hypomanias...but it was unearthed by the over-the-top manic reaction I had to effexor. (Before that, I had to go off cipralex/lexapro because it made me agitated as all hell.) For the time being, I'm weaning off effexor, on clonazepam to take the edge off, and getting on some mood stabilizer once I'm off the 'fex. I also take trazodone for sleep.

Besides the crazies, I'm also an activist, musician, writer, and occasional vegan chef.

Nice to meet you all!

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