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Is there ANY headache remedy I can take with Wellbutrin?!

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I had THE worst headache last night. Borderline migrane. I have another headache creeping up on me now. Looked up to see which otc headache meds I could take. Nothing.

I get headaches often enough that I NEED to be able to take something but I'm always on drugs that interact poorly with them.

Soon I'll be prescribed another mood stabilizer (cross your fingers that it works) and i'm sure that'll have it's red flags too.

What do you guys do?

Is there something my doc can prescribe me that I could take prn because all of the otc's seem like no-no's.

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I take aspirin for headaches, but they're not migraines. I've been on WB for 3 or 4 years now and I haven't experienced any reaction. I also take 3 aspirin a day for my blood.

Where did you read that you couldn't combine the two? Just curious.


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There's a seizure risk among some of your existing meds, but not if you add an OTC headache remedy.

Wellbutrin can lower the seizure threshold all by itself, so there are some risks combining it with other drugs. Also, if you go off of or lower your benzos along with adding Wellbutrin you can raise your seizure risk since those drugs can act as mild anticonvulsants.

If you're still concerned, talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist. This is, after all, just the internet.

Thanks! I definitely worry too much about side-effects of my meds and tend to be worried that I'll get the worst side-effects possible. Paranoia.

Thanks for rationalizing it. It makes more sense now.

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