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Hi, I go by DarkAngel, a name my bf gave me. I really have no clue why I registered...it seems like a good idea.

I was diagnosed Bipolar I in 1999. Before that and since then, I was diagnosed with depression, clinical depression, anxiety disorder, OCD...yadda yadda...

I have been on probably 45 different meds, most in the last 10 years and either I max out on them, I can't take them or they just stop working...I am SO sick of being sick. In 2007 I had to leave my good paying job and go on SSD because I had a breakdown of sorts and now I am "not well enough to work". So I raise my teenage son on SSD and that sucks! I was lucky last year and found my BF who has experience dealing with bipolar people and he is my saving grace right now, but he can't save me from myself.

I'm considering ECT, as a friend of mine had it and is doing great...I'm just so at the end of my rope...I'm tired of having a breakdown with the Christmas lights don't work, or when I have to go out in public.

That's me in a nutshell...if you want to know anything else, I'm an open book..mostly.

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