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Hi there! I stumbled upon this place by pure accident, and I think I'm in love. Most internet forums for those dealing with psych disorders make me want to throw up a little bit. This one seems like it has its act together and might actually be useful. Good job!

A general introduction to me:

I'm a very durable and adaptable person who gets along with everyone, except assholes. I hate elitism and classism and all the other ''-isms'' so prevalent in today's society, and I want to do work that actually has a real impact on people's lives. That said, I REALLY like academia and will probably end up doing social policy research (in mental health--surprise!) I am a current grad student in social work. Even though I consider myself a bit of a scientist, I am enamored of the fine arts (my favorite artist is Dalí) and I write pretty good fiction when I have the time. I speak Spanish as a second language and have done a lot of volunteer work with immigrants. I'm irrationally idealistic about the way the world should be. I'm a Buddhist, a gamer, a sci-fi lover, and I'm silly as hell. Sillier, really, then you can imagine, so don't even try.

My childhood was a trauma-filled shitfest so my primary diagnosis is PTSD. I used to be so overrun by depression and anxiety that I was not able to function, but I eventually found a way out (Cognitive behavioral Therapy) and I'm now highly functional. I've still got PTSD though, so I am currently doing an intensive and expensive and time-consuming treatment called prolonged exposure. The clinic has an 80% success rate so I have my fingers crossed. I have done an enormous amount of independent (and academic) research on psychological disorders, and I've experienced its application firsthand, so I'm hoping someone somewhere on these boards will eventually find me useful.

I'm also hoping to find support here, because this shit sucks sometimes, and it feels like most of my peers aren't really going to ''get'' the kind of issues I have to deal with on a regular basis. I have a feeling you guys will.

Have a wonderful day!

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