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I'm a new member on here. I was searching to make sure the prednisone they prescribed my fiance for his bronchitis was a good idea (and it sortof is, sortof isn't) and stumbled onto this site.

"crazyboards" seemed very appropriate for ME!

Let's see, I have varying types of crazy to dish out.

I'm social phobic/agoraphobic - I actually like having friends, but, I don't have any right now. Mainly because of the social phobic / agoraphobic thing.

I have PTSD (or something similar) from both sexual abuse for years as a child and more recently I (and I think people with PTSD in the first place are predisposed to developing PTSD-like feelings after less traumatic things) gave birth and I feel that was traumatic. So much so I've vowed if I ever give birth again it will NOT be in a hospital and it will NOT be with the prescence of anyone besides my fiance and (BIG maybe) maybe a doula. I'm also obsessed with everything birth and have joined online groups about natural birth and obsess over the research and information about it.

I have addiction issues. I like to drink a wee bit too much - okay I'll say it - I'm an alcoholic - but LUCKILY for my kid I quit drinking my 4-10 drinks per night at the drop of a pregnancy positive sign. lol. Am an alcoholic though. I would be addicted to other stuff but I'm too poor and I am too afraid to try anything else because I know I'd get into it too.

I don't know what you call this but I'm a chronic failure. I get involved in things and do really well at them for a while. Then for some reason I get bored with it or it starts to make me really anxious for unknown reasons and so I create weird/terrible scenarios to get out of it. Highschool, two colleges, a nursing program..

I've only been hospitalized once, surprisingly.

And don't mention "see a doctor" to me. I've seen too many of those and they are beyond annoying.

Anyway, that's my crazy.

Me in general: I'm a 23 year old mommy to one 10 month old son and I'm engaged. I live in the boonies and I love my mom, cats, son, fiance, music, and the internet.

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Welcome to the asylum. I'm glad you found us and I hope we can be of help to you.

Just as a side note, my doctor has given me Prednisone when I have a bad case of bronchitis. It knocks the congestion and wheezing right out and you start to feel better very quickly. However, the first time I took it, I was up all night the first night. (Made me feel "speedy.") It's also tricky for some of our bipolar members--but that probably isn't an issue for your fiance.

Anyway, check out our rules when you have time, and we also have an active chat room and blog section. We don't have a lot of strict rules, but try to keep in mind that everyone here has some form of MI.

You will also find that this is a pro-medication, pro-therapy, pro-get yourself into a doctor's office kind of place. I'm not saying you can't express other opinions, but our philosophy here is to be med-compliant, make healthy lifestyle choices, and work with a psychiatrist to develop a treatment plan.


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