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Wow..forgot how yucky Seroquel can be

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I have been taking Seroquel (again) for sometime now. 200mg morning, 200mg at night and have 200mg that I can take during the day as a PRN for rage, agitation, things like that. Felt fine on that dosage. Yesterday my morning and night doses got bumped up to 300mg. Been having a lot of anger that just won't go away. Did ok last night on the 300mg, was able to hear one of the boys, was able to get up with him. This morning the 300mg I took has hit me hard. I feel like I am walking in jello. Everything is slowed down and takes tons of effort. Just got out of the shower and any energy I had is gone. Doctor is hoping that with the increase I will be able to stop taking it during the day. No way I could take anymore today. I would be knocked out and with taking care of toddler twins, that can't happen. I do hope my body adjusts soon to the dose increase b/c I have no clue how I am going to chase after the boys today. Even typing is taking effort. I would try to get off the Seroquel but over the years it has always been the med that has helped me the most. Can't believe I forgot this feeling.


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