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any thoughts or experiences with

lithobid 300 mg (do I really need lab tests for this amount?)

seroquel 300 mg

lamictal 100 mg 

Bp II ish with ultra rapid and ultradian cycling


mixed states

rage and severe agitation

sensory overstimulation


major problems with concentration



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I take Seroquel (600mg/day) and Lamictal (300m/day) and have been doing very well on both of them (with a lot of help from my friend Parnate). What exactly did you want to know? I think we've discussed Seroquel before, haven't we?

I've taken lithium, and I admit that I liked it. It slowed my dive from deeply depressed to suicidally depressed just enough to enable me to get in control of it and get help. I had a notable and very inconvenient tremor on it, but that was the only really bad thing. Well, until it started interfering with my thyroid function, but that wasn't permanent.

As for the blood levels, it's probably a good idea to have them checked once anyway while you're stable -- just to have a clear number to start with. Also everyone responds differently; I went toxic on nortriptyline while still at a modest dose.


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My current cocktail is-

Lithobid 900 mg.

Lamictal 25 mg.>

Seroquel 50 mg.

Provigil 100 mg.

Klonopin 0.5 mg.

As you can tell I'm stuck in transition mode where you seem to be getting a little of everything. Maintenance doses of Lamictal (low side) and Seroquel, Lithium may be on the low side of maintenance. What is your serum level? Some folks don't need much Lithium to peg out.

I've noticed some docs mixing Lithium and Lamictal at lower doses to get desired results. Depends on the person's cranial hard-wiring I guess. Lithium levels of 0.4 are accepted as therapeutic by some docs along with Lamictal or AP. Long term use of Lithium can blow out your thyroid, it's really just a matter of time.

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I take Lamictal 100mg, Lithium 600mg, Seroquel 25mg prn for sleep (and any major spazzing), and Inderal 40mg prn (though I take it kind of daily). I loved lamictal by its lonesome *sigh* how I miss those days...but I started wigging out. So, pdoc added the lithium about 3 weeks ago. I fell madly in love at "hello" (with the Li, started at 300 first 3 days). I was so happy the first week or so...but it did seem strange that it was working so fast. In retrospect, I think I was just hypomanic. At 600, I feel fine, no more flip-outs. ...but, for the past 2 weeks, I've been really irritable/depressed. Is it the Lithium? Or have I just entered another cycle that I'll snap out of soon? time will tell.

Blood tests? Never had 'em. My pdoc said my dose is small enough that I don't really need it. And I figure I'll know if I feel a toxic effect coming on. I drink a decent amount of water and I feel fine. BTW, I love the feeling of metal coursing through my veins.

I know I'm not supposed to but when I'm feeling really sluggish, I take a few sips of coffee--just enough to put the pep in my step. Pre-lith, this used to make me go berserk  ;)

Enjoy the lithi-yum, I'm bpII, cycle in cycles, anxiety, mixed.


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