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Generic Wellbutrin/Bupropion Differences

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I have been on the generic equivalent of Wellbutrin SR for a few years now (after spending time on the Serzone train for more than four years, plus quick stopovers at the Paxil and Lexapro stations - both of which made me stare at walls).

I've been fine with the generic version "Bupropion ER 150mg" tablets twice daily, manufactured by EON Labs.  But because it seemed to be pooping out, the doctor wanted to try bringing me to 400mg divided into 2x100mg tablets taken twice a day.

The new prescription for the 100mg tablets are labeled "Bupropion SR 100mg" tablets, but they are manufactured by Watson.

Incredibly, I seem to have a major increase in anxiety when taking the medication manufactured by Watson, while no corresponding increase with the pills made by EON Labs.  I've even experimented with taking an identical dose - the Watson stuff definitely gives me worse reactions.

Oddly, my adventure with Serzone ended because of a similar issue with the generic manufacturer of that.  When my local pharmacy switched to a different manufacturer, sexual side effects (which are rare with Serzone anyway) became an instant issue.  Considering the black box warning on Serzone, I elected to try something else because I suspected it was also pooping out on me.

I have been a big proponent of generic meds, especially when confronting outrageous med costs, even with insurance.  My doctor indicated that the industry allows for slight differences in the medication formulation, but I find it difficult to believe such a slight permitted difference would cause such a dramatic response in me.

I've seen anecdotal stuff from a few others who seem to have noticed this, but I'm wondering if others here have the same experience.

I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety originally back in 1998 and have been doing the meds ever since to control crying spells, very low self-esteem, and total lack of enjoyment in everything.  I recently decided the medication train was nice to even out excessive drama in my life, but it alone was not solving the drama, so I have added a psychologist into the mix who is helping me deal with the destructive thinking and inability to self-problem-solve which is what probably helped make the problem in the first place.  It seems to be helping somewhat, although I am still dealing with cynical feelings that nothing will ever really change.

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Man, if Jerod didn't translate the PI sheets into English for us, I don't know what we'd do!


As you can see from my signature, I'm on non-generic Wellbutrin XL.  I've been on that cocktail for about three years now, and I love it.  However, I have absolutely no history of anxiety.  In fact, I think I have the opposite problem.  Wellbutrin gets me going enough so that I'll actually get my ass out of bed and get things done.

You might also find this helpful in your search for an AD that doesn't aggravate anxiety issues.

Hope this helps!


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