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Other meds that help Anxiety

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Ok, so yes I have been on Klonopin since 2003, I do have a tolerance (somewhat), I take a mg or a 0.5mg prn, usually up to 3-6mg a day (depending).

I'm on Celexa, which is a worry taking it with Klonopin, can that be toxic? As Klonopin is toxic, isn't it? I don't know. Anyway, what are some other medications that can be used for Anxiety, besides Benzos?

I tried water titrating down from the Klonopin in a course of 2 years, withdrawal got too bad for me, so I reinstated, tried the Valium method, forget it (not for me) not at this time anyway.

I up-dosed the Klonopin actually since water titrating it from 2.25mg back to 3mg, feel like a failure! But it's the only thing that seems to work in many ways.

I guess the question is what are other meds to help along with anxiety, i know I have a variety of questions here.


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