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Klonopin at 20mg?

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I get my Klonopin from a Neurologist, I just read you can take upto 20mg of Klonopin a day??


I'm not going to, but that's enough to knock out a horse. I'm at 3mg a day, use to be at 6mg sometimes.

I tapered some to keep tolerance from building up.


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Hold on there, Bucko!

The maximum recommended dose for EPILEPSY is 20mg, titrated at 0.5mg steps to the minimum necessary to control seizures.

For PANIC attacks, the 'target' dosage is One (1)mg. Dosages of 2,3,4mg were found to be generally less effective but some patients may benefit from dosages up to 4mg.

Keep in mind that people with epilepsy and panic/anxiety may not react in the same way to the same dosages.

You can check out recommended dosages and med info at:




a.m. Be safe.

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...ummm, I can't fathom that. I recall taking up to 6mg per day during my most agitated and anxious days. That was two years ago. Now Klonopin knocks me on my ass when I take .5 mg. I simply can't imagine building up a tolerance to that. To think I was able to function on 6 mg. Now Valium works for me. Thank goodness something does. ;-)

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