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father diagnosed central cord syndrome


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Hi! I'm Juice, and my father, Jan, fell from a horse on New Year's Eve, and is now in a spinal unit.

He is 61, and has limited leg movement. He can touch his nose with her right hand, but has very limited left arm movement. He has some slight finger movement to her right hand, but none to the left.

Has anyone of a similar age and diagnosis got a story of their progress? Obviously this is very new territory for my son and I. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Juice. We may not be able to help you very much - we're a site for people with mental illnesses and we have this chronic pain board but it's not very active. You might have better luck looking on a site for physical disabilities.

Hi and thanks for answer. I know that but I hope somebody will answer...can help...cause is a health forum..isn't it? Thanks a lot again!

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