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I am having a really bad day, how much klonopin can i take?

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Horrible day w/anxiety. horrible/horrible. i've taken 6mg of klonopin already (usu take b/t 2-4). i already feel like i need more. i'm not going to be compleely smart about this because i know i will take more. has anyone whose been on klonopin for a long period of time taken up to 10mg? Any bad side effects other than depression (the side effect i'm getting).

anyone have any other advice?

please help.

i gave all of my pills other than what's in my pill box to my mother so i don't do anything stupid.

but... anxiety. fuck. i need more.

you're not doctors. i know. but any advice???

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Since, as you point out, we are not doctors, why not share your question with a real one?

Maybe some of the people here who have struggled with benzo dependence can help you. Ultimately you seem to be setting yourself up for a tapered withdrawl, which from what I hear is a nightmare (but cold turkey is not an option given the danger of seizures).

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