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Another one joins Crazyboards.

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Recommended to here by an existing member, here I am.

Hello everyone.

I was formally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 48, rather late in the day

and, with a long, long history of depressive illness,

I'm now facing the possiblility (with considerable reluctance) of ECT as we've run out of medications to try,

and I've been through most talk therapies, and I am currently very depressed.

Almost up to Marvin the Paranoid Android levels.

There remains a sneaking suspicion that depression is the correct response to seeing the world clearly,

and that what I'm really suffering from is positive illusion deficiency.

"If one wishes to find consolation in this world, one must be prepared to accept at least one or two large lies"

Graf Ulrich von Bek.

Apart from that: single, into model railways* and vast quantities of books on a wide range of topics.

I answer to Chris or, here and some other boards, Emettman. The latter can be explained if necessary.

*How AS can you get, and I didn't even know I was.

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Hey chris/emettman.

I just left a note on your profile about chat, I saw after you left that you stopped in, hope you try again.

Glad you could join us, in a way, though sorry for the crap you are dealing with.

Check out the blogs if you have a chance, they are a good way to mingle with the crowd- a few here or there and you can choose to leave a note on them for the author or not.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM one of the mods or admins whenever.

[oh, and check out the new user rules to the top of the forum when you get a chance]

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