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I feel like I can't make my brain go. I try to start something and it's like I can't think. I'm usually a very quick, clever, witty person, but sometimes I just feel like a vegetable. In that case I have to "will" my brain to go, but then it goes too well and I can't unconcentrate.

Look up "executive function" ... i.e., what you ain't got, and "hyperfocus", which it sounds you do (except when you don't).

I can't do two things at once. If I'm going something and my mom tries to talk to me I just don't grasp a thing she says. She's gotten really used to me saying "Wait, what? Start again."

What about when she comes in to talk about something, and won't go away until you drop everything in your head to respond, and after that, there's no getting back quite to where you were before the interruption?

"This will only take a minute!" interruptions have been extremely costly to me and my employer. Once, one of those introduced a coding error that took weeks to track down and fix.

Aside from that, I think it would be a useful project for a psych major to compare what percentage of writing implements owned can be found, and of those what percentage have tooth marks, between ADHD and non-ADHD adults.

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Sounds like it could be ADD.

I can relate to the inability to to focus on one thing, and when i do start something I very rarely finish it. The mind never being "satisfied" could be ADD or it could easily be depression as well.

From my experience quite a lot of ADDers can be very quick witted. The problem is we have blurted something out before we have had the time to think and what we blurted out can be inappropriate and offend people or people are baffled why we said what we did.

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The problem with describing what ADD feels like is that for someone who has it (like me) it's like asking what does life feel like. I always used to believe that other people were PRETENDING that they could remember stuff, and it always boggled my mind that they could stay awake in meetings right after lunch.

The stuff you've described sounds a lot like many of my experiences, though I'm a lot better at sitting through movies and such. But as I recall, a typical symptom is indeed the inability to sit still when you're supposed to.

Of course, there are other things that can cause problems like this. For instance, depression is supposed to interfere with one's mental focus. Also poor sleep or lack of sleep.

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