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I have my things spread over 3 flats or houses at the moment.

My room at my dad's Mum's spare room (these were in two large rooms in my mums house till she sold up recently) and my flat.

Anyway I have to sort half this stuff out. Bin/sell/charity shop it.

And I struggle to bin mouldy veg still.

Any ideas to deal with it?

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Even though I HATE it.... it helps when I have someone here when I *shudder* get rid of things.. I'm more willing to part with things while someone is standing right there... cause I feel embarrassed if I don't.

WITHOUT looking or thinking about what you actually have.... make a list of things you would want to rid yourself of... moldy vegs would be on there.... don't put to much connection between what you actually have and what you need to get out.

After doing this... or doing it in reverse for what you NEED to keep.... give the list to whoever will be there with you, or just look at it yourself to remind you.

Good luck.... I know how much it sucks!

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