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hey guys

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First of all, i think i started out wrong.

I replied to an on-going post before i even wrote my introduction.

I am not sure if it is alright on these forums. I would appreciate if

anyone could tell me if it was OK or if i will have to re-write it.

To tell you the truth I found these forums because I was researching a couple

topics concerning my health that I wasn't able to share in person. After reading

some more posts that really interested me and getting some understanding of what kind

of real support these forums could provide me with i felt obligated to join. I also know I can

provide some interesting insights on topics that I know a lot about or been through myself.

Also I want to share that am a junior college student in California. However, i am a Russian

and American citizen (double citizen). I am very interested in medicine, studying in pediatrics

and pharmacology. My whole family has been involved in medicine but all of them are in Russia.

I am currently going through anxiety, however I am not sure what my next step is to concur

this horrible disease. I have heard that i am in denial from little friends i have.

I hope to gain some support and information through these forums. Also I love to discuss

different points. No matter if i agree with ones point of view I take it into consideration because lately it seems i have been wrong with most of what i do.

I also used to cure my social anxiety by drinking a lot of alcohol but i am trying to

cut down on it completely

Thank you.


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Hi there! I have shitty anxiety too, a lot of us do, welcome to the club!

You did nothing wrong by posting something else before an introduction, hell, some people NEVER post an introduction. I did after I had already started three topics or so, so no worries there.

This place is very nice, no need to be modest or anything like that, or at least, I don't feel that need anymore. We're all a little crazy, so not too much is shocking anyhow.

I hope you like it here, I love it, you can start up a blog, or chat in the chatroom if you want, there's a gallery for pictures, hmmm, I don't know.

Oh the people! I love the people here. Hopefully you stick around a bit, I've found this place very helpful.

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Hi, Welcome to CB.

There isn't a lot of rules but you can read over them to get a feel for how this place works. Everybody is pretty friendly.

I imagine you would already know a bit about antianxiety medications, have you ever thought about trying them out? Therapy has been useful for a lot of people too.

Hope to see you around

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Hi and welcome!

I'm glad you found us and I hope you can find some answers to your questions about anxiety.

You have a distinctive last name, so I edited it out of your original post. We think our members need to be a little careful about the anonymity thing. You are welcome to put it back, but Crazyboards can be Googled, so you might want to think that over.

It's your decision, of course.


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