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has anyone here been on clopixol or know much about it

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i have paranoid schizophrenia and I live in aus. ive tried all the atypicals including clozapine. nothing has helped. doctors in the psych ward wouldn't give me the clopixol coz they said the side effects are bad. such as your eyes rolling backwards, stiff muscles, akathisia and TD. The chemical name of clopixol is zuclopenthixol. 

has anyone here been on it? or had much experience with it or know much about it?


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thanks for replying. I want to go on it coz none of the atypicals worked neither did largactil or haloperidal. It's basically the only one I haven't tried. I can't find much information on google about it. please respond back Im desperate and too paranoid. I really need an antipsychotic that will work.

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I am in Australia and on clopixal.

I have both the depot injection and the tablet.

I have not experienced any of the above side effects.

It has worked wonders for me.

The sedation of it has worn of to a great extent and i really like it, took away all the noise that was happening in my head.

by the way i have a diagnosis of phycosis NOS not schizophrenia.

Feel free to ask any questions.



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I live in Northern Ireland and I have been on clopixol - just a baby dose as an adjunct to an atypical. I didnt really find it did me much good. Haloperidol was better. But I didnt get the same prolactin side effects.

best wishes

blackbird x

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