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It Hurts When I Type

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Hi, I'm Kay, and today I was stupid, and that is why it hurts when I type. I found this board roughly ten minutes too late to successfully prevent today's little razorblade escapade, but it seems like it will be a hella good distraction in future.

I'm currently without an official diagnosis, though obviously I'm a self harmer. I'm being sent to CBT for (Doctor's words) 'mild' depression. I also think I have something that sounds to me like Asperger's or some shit, which has something to do with my inability to communicate effectively with said Doctor. The fact that he doesn't listen doesn't help either.

I just gotta say I love the sense of humour this board has going on. You absolutely gotta laugh, right?

So, hi.


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I hope we can distract you.

I cut myself today, too, but that's a fairly regular part of my hobby, not self-harming (though techinically it is self-harming of course: it's hardly good for me!)

Superglue is good for small fine-blade cuts.

It gets me back to working on the railway models almost instantly.

Not instantly, as then you stick to what you're working on.

And yes, even when things are dire a sense of humour helps. (even if black and twisted: possibly especially if black and twisted)

I got a late diagnosis (age 48) of Asperger's Syndrome.

The world still doesn't make sense, but I now know why it doesn't make sense.

Best wishes, Chris.

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Welcome to Crazyboards. I hope you'll check out our SI forum: there are lots of good tips there to help you when you have the urge to SI.

Please read the rules when you get a chance: they're pretty funny. If you have a question, go ahead and PM a moderator.


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Welcome to the boards.

I hope you visit the Self-Injury Forum. There are some pinned threads that suggest some possible alternatives to cutting when you feel that urge coming on. That, and you can always post.

Again, welcome.

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