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Hi all,

I am new here as a poster but I have been lurking for awhile soaking up your insight and expertise. I am 53 years old but only diagnosed and treated for schizophrenia for the last 3 years.

My concern is that current stress I am under will cause me to relapse to psychosis. My worst fear is returning to a psych hospital.

The reason I am stressed is that I am trying to assist my sister in dealing with the care of my elderly parents. My sister has always been a "toxic" person to me and I find that limiting my contact with her is best for my mental health. It is not possible to avoid her these days. In addition, we are in the process of testing my dad for Alzheimer's disease. I know he has it but he won't get the results of his bloodwork & MRI for another week.

For the past couple of days I have had trouble focusing my attention. Yesterday I was reading a book and enjoying it at the time but after I put it down I couldn't remember much of what I'd read.

Today I was watching TV and I was really interested in the program. Several times I realized that my mind was wandering back to my parents situation and past conflicts with my sister. I watched the whole show but I don't remember specifics about it. Is this mind-wandering thing a symptom of relapse? Is this something I should bring to my doctor's attention? I take risperdol and effexor.



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Hi Sheila,

I'm not schitzophrenic but I'm bipolar. I do that with books and things on TV all the time. I know when I'm stressed about something I will focus on it dispite trying to not think about it. My best efforts fail me sometimes. I find that writing and talking about it helps.

Stress plays a huge part in any relapse in my life - I avoid people and situations that will exacerbate my stress. Family is sometimes one of those situations/people that I avoid.

You're not alone.

And I would def bring it up with your pdoc... that's always a good idea.

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I'm sorry about your father. It can be difficult to care for elderly parents, but as with caring for anyone, it's important to take care of yourself first so that you have something to offer them. What that entails depends on you and your needs, but it is an important part of care giving.

I too am bipolar and also run into the things you describe. For me and most, it is the stress that causes the inattention or lack of memory. Whenever your mind is occupied by one thing while trying to do another, the good old brain cells get pushed beyond what they ordinarily do. This holds for anybody who is stressed or anxious. The thing is, for bipolar at least, stress can trigger episodes. Not to say it always will, but it is a factor. That probably holds for schiz, too. Again, doesn't mean you will relapse, but you may be vulnerable to it right now. Talking it over with your doc is a very good idea. Trying to alleviate some of the stress would be, too. Although it may be easier said than done, there are little ways that can help. Exercise is one of them. Talking about what's going on with someone who is a calming influence is another.

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Thanks for the replies, ya'll. Good suggestions.

I did call my pdoc but had to leave a message on the nurse's line. I could barely talk for crying when explaining my situation. Now I just have to wait for the call back which I don't anticipate for a couple of hours, after the pdoc gets done with daily appointments.

Yesterday, when I was talking on the phone with someone at the assisted living facility we are considering for my parents, I mentioned that I was familiar with the home because my aunt had been a resident there in the past. Although it has been more than seven years since my aunt passed away, the employee remembered her clearly. Unfortunately, she also remembered my aunt's pedophile husband (I absolutely refuse to call him "uncle" even if he is dead). Anyway, the mere mention of that monster has brought back a flood of unpleasant memories that I manage to supress most of the time. With the memories, all the negative feelings--anger at my parents (especially mother) because they did not protect us and because they remained friendly with the SOB even after they KNEW what he had done to me, his children, & grandchildren; and sadness because the terrible impact this has had on me, my siblings, my cousins and God knows how many other countless victims. This awful man was a scout leader, prominent in the community, he even dressed up as Santa.

There is no doubt in my mind that I need to increase my dosage of Effexor and probably the Risperdol too.

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That really sounds like a a lot to be dealing with and sorting thru.

Are you talking to your therapist about all of this? If not, now might be a good time to start. You have a lot on your plate.

I do see a social worker once every two weeks. I have talked about the pedophile before. The issue just came up again yesterday so I think I'll call and see if I can get an appt. before my next scheduled on Feb. 5.

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