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It is I. Morgan Freeman.

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Hello all. I'm not Morgan Freeman. wtf.gif

You can call me BipolarGenius, which is not so much my name as it is my life. But you all know that!

It's hella great to find a non-boring, non kiss-ass, non conforming forum of actual value for those of us who are not only exceptional, but so extraordinary psychiatrists spend their lives trying to understand what the hell we are always on about.

If only they knew. Mua hahahaha. devlish.gif

So anyway. Here's the low down, nice and short:

I'm a 24yr old lady from Cape Town, South Africa.

I own my own media business. I write things that get published. Performed. Read. I do it all, because I can.

I do it all because as an author, my bipolar gives me real INSIGHT into people. Plus I'm rather bright.

Problem is - sometimes the ol bipolar drives my poor boyfriend and family round the thorny twist.

So I'm here to learn. Help. Inspire. Rant. Why the hell not. I'm around my own kind! wink.gif

Now. Who the iced hell bucket are you?

x BipolarGenius

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Nice to meet you! Im a 31 stay at home mom of 2 kids who are in school, so technically I guess that makes me a homemaker, since the kids aren't home half the day. Anyway, just in the past 6-8 months have I been officially diagnosed bipolar 1 mixed type. That was by a 2nd opinion pdoc because my pdoc wasn't sure what was going on in my head. So I play on the internet, do laundry, clean house, make dinner, get kids ready for school in the morning and help them with homework in the afternoon, well, because I can. Really, that's about all my brain can handle. So there you have it, me in a "nut"shell.

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