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Reasons not to SH - the list

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I noticed how there was a list of alternatives to self-harm already, but I thought it would be useful to have a list of reasons why you should take these alternatives instead of self-harming, or why you should just not self harm. I don't know about anyone else, but I have times when I really need reminding exactly why it's bad and you shouldn't do it. Also (added after writing the rest of this post) I have just discovered that typing these reasons out really helps with the urges.

So, current mood says I won't be very good at thinking these up at the moment, but here goes:

Because my best friend will be sad if I do it, and will worry about me. Seeing as how she is depressed already, this would not be good. She is also a cutter, so if I cut I might start a cycle of cutting, like a cutcycle or something from which there will be no escape.

So, because it will make people you like sad.

Because I am shallow and don't want scars. I scar pretty easily - I have one already from cutting, but luckily it is pretty small. I don't want my left arm to say 'cutter' for any number of reasons, but mainly 'cause excessive scarring will not be good for my chosen career path. Unless I want to be an actor who only plays characters who wear long sleeves or evening gloves at all times.

Right now, that's all I got, so I'm hoping somebody will have better ideas than these. ;)

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all reasons to not SH are great - doesn't matter what they are so long as you don't do it ;)

my reasons tend to center around "what other people might say or think" too - and it'd be good to have a few in my "reasons" bank that are more about me.. so good idea to bring this up....

thinking... it is early afterall,, still waking up ...

everytime i want to, but i don't, i feel like a building block of self esteem has been added to my stash

it feels good to have a normal, relaxing bath or shower (95% of all SI has been done there)

ok, there are more i'm sure, but even coming up with 2 that do not involve other people's opinions were hard! i have a very good friend who is always on my case about finding self esteem from within not from others, so this was a good exercise in that concept

take care

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My reason is because in truth, the pain of my illness is so much bigger than any physical wound could ever be, and so SI is only ever going to be, literally and figuratively, scratching the surface.

That and I always feel doubly shitty afterwards what with having to explain it to people.

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I don't cut because even though people in my past didn't respect me, I am learning to respect myself. And that means learning to respect and value my body, not injure it.

When I self-harm, it stops me from processing what's going on, so I'm making a commitment to try to use triggery times as a learning experience and not use "coping strategies" that blank that out.

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I don't want to disappoint my SO or have my child see marks like that on my body.

Other people who see it tend to over-react in a very embarassing way and I don't like that kind of negative attention. I don't want my daughter to EVER figure that it's some kind of reasonable coping mechanism.

That's all I got.

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my reasons....

I don't want my boyfriend to be sad.

I don't want relatives to hassle me about it. I don't really care what they think about it, but them talking to me about it makes me feel really icky. Thinking about them thinking about it also makes me feel icky, like when you see a creepy stranger and you know that at that moment they're picturing you naked.

I don't want to end up in the psych ward. I think I could probably convince them that I'm not as crazy as I am if I did need medical attention but I'd only go in for a seriously horrible wound that touched an artery or a tendon or something like that, and that might be too much to explain.

I usually like my scars, but every once in a while I wish they were all flat and faded to white.

I feel very silly having all these crazy scars and no real problems.

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Because the paranoia of someone finding out is killing me.

Because my religious beliefs are against it.

Because, deep down, no matter what I tell myself, I know it's wrong.

Because I hate having to hide my skin, to constantly check to make sure nothing is showing.

Because I can't think about anything else, and every shiny, sharp object is difficult not to stare at and think about how I could use it to SI, and if it would be worth putting in my cache.

Because I don't want to be a cutter for my entire life, and I want to find beauty and peace in things that aren't shiny and steel and red with blood.

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