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[My parents] sent me to this, this woman who told me that I could never be a

man. And I could be any kind of woman I wanted to be, but I was always going to

be a woman.  “Do you think anyone would ever want you to date their daughter if you were? You

wouldn’t really be a real man.” Like all kinds of weird, sort of twisted things that are really just self-shaming.

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I read some of it.

I expected the transman population to be extremely hard to locate...trans people, after they transition, mostly seem to want to put their old life behind them and quietly move on.

As a potential therapist, as someone who may end up providing okays for transition, If I end up being a gatekeeper my main focus is going to be making sure the person in question really is consistently committed to having surgery.

Ultimately, the body, and life, is the person's own. I do not believe that it's a therapist's job to stand in someone's way when they are really deeply set on having surgery, so my thought would be to make sure the desire is sane and genuine, then hand over the recommendation and get out of the way.

Ultimately, you can hop on a plane to Thailand and go to a surgeon who will likely do anything you want done to your body if you've got the cash, with or without a therapists' letter.

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The first attempt at surgically creating a vagina for women occurred in 1761

Interesting, because that is pre-anesthesia when surgery was typically limited to stuff that you would die instantly if it wasn't done.

Anyway, interesting paper and it seems like she's done her research, but I want to point out (if it wasn't clear) that this is a student's unpublished masters' thesis, so not an "accepted" study. And I am not saying that to de-legitimize (how's that for a non-word?) anything, just for information. But it's definitely a source of information that you won't find elsewhere, I would say.

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