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I was previously diagnosed as Schizophrenia, not Schizo Effective, but the NeuroPsych said Schizophrenic Paranoid type and I'm Bipolar with Panic Attacks too, along with Partial Epilepsy.

I had a Psychotic Episode yesterday.

My New Meds are-

Lamictal 50mg

Seroquel 250mg at bedtime

Celexa 20mg

Klonopin 0.5mg as needed (Max 6mg)

Valium PRN ONLY 10mg (Only if I shake really bad, feel Aura)

Are all these meds safe to take together daily?

The Doctor said they was, just a second opinion, I'm wary about the Celexa with Lamictal. Edit: Also Nexium.

Thanks, Billy.

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