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My new prescription: Celexa and Pristiq (at the same time)

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So here's the deal: my PDOC wrote me a prescription for Celexa, to be taken along with Pristiq (which I have been on for about six months). The back-story is simple: I am struggling with panic and anxiety, and it's really becoming a problem. I have access to Klonopin, and I'm not too proud to take it, but I'd rather not (for a variety of reasons).

So, the doc told me that it's okay to combine an SSRI with another SSRI (or in this case, an SRNI), and that sometimes one plus one equals three.

I mean, that's exactly what he said. Verbatim. My guess is that he means that combining Celexa and Pristiq may get me the outcome that I want. Or, it might mean that he's just really, really bad at both Math, and Metaphors.

So, fast forward a bit, and here's my know-it-all friend telling me that it's a really bad idea to take the two drugs like that, and that I may end up with that pesky Seratonin poisoning thing.

Bottom Line: I submit this question with an open mind. What are your thoughts? Ever seen any SSRI/SNRI combo like this? Any known casualties? I am receptive to any/all opinions on this matter.

Boring Sidenote: I had been on Paxil for a decade; it worked extremely well. It was very effective. I never had a panic attack during that time, and I don't recall having substantial anxiety (out of the norm). And then one day: Poof. Okay, it didn't actually go "poof", but it was more like "boom". And suddenly it didn't work anymore. And I began freaking out over issues that I know I shouldn't be freaking out over. And the return of panic attacks--don't get me started!

So, there you have it. It's me busting down the doors of the local PDOCs, demanding new, improved pills. Pristiq was what I began taking, initially. It took it's sweet time to get working, but I seemed to have had a few good (panic-free) months. And then, "Poof". Sorry, I mean "boom". And it's back to Panic-City. Anxiety. Stress. Worry. Fear. And that's all before I've had my Spoon-Size Shredded Wheat.

And that gets us current. I told the Doc (today), that the current model is not working, and that it's time to explore new options. I'd imagined that he would recommend Lexapro, or one of the other high-profile names. But no. It's the combo meal: Celexa and Pristiq.


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I have been on both, and they both seem to work very well. I'd be curious to hear how the combo works out. I would think it's safe to combine them cause they are SNRI vs SSRIs. I don't know though, I'm not a doctor. Pristiq was awesome. Is there a reason you didn't just increase the dosage though? When 50 mg didn't work anymore, then I went to 100 mg.

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Guest lostinhere

I'm on 50mg pristiq and my doc just put me on 10 mg celexa. At specific doses it's safe, and my doctor has combined ssris with me before she's pretty credible. So it all depends on the dose and which meds you're dealing with.

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