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Rebound insomnia after stopping mirtazapine

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So...insomnia has been a long-standing problem for me. But mirtazapine made me sleep really well, knocked me out cold reliably every single night for the last year-ish. I've just stopped taking it (after a slow tapering-off schedule) because I can't stand the associated weight-gain any more and I want to get back to my usual pre-mirtazapine weight. The last couple of nights I've been awake much later than normal, lying in bed thinking, "I'd forgotten exactly what this was like...why am I still awake...". But then, the last few weeks I've only been on 7.5mg, which surely couldn't have been making that much difference. My sleep is fine once I do finally drop off - I sleep right through til the alarm goes off at 7am. But I'm not getting enough sleep due to the lateness of sleep onset.

Do you think that maybe it's psychosomatic? Is it just that I'm worried that I might not sleep well without it and therefore the worrying is what's keeping me awake? And so...any suggestions as to what I should do? I've had some very resistant insomia in the past and I've tried sleep hygeine, set bedtime rituals/times, reading with a red/orange wavelength only light before bed, the whole hot milky drink stuff, lavender, herbal remedies, etc. At the moment I am not in the grip of true insomnia, but I want to feel prepared in case it happens. But then maybe that feeling/caution in itself isn't helpful...hah.

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