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Effexor & Depakote

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Guest luli2545


I'm on 225 mg effexor er for almost two years; had changed from serzone.

Along with the serzone I took 500 mg depakote at night to help with ? and sleep.

Last winter old pdoc said, try without the depakote, so I used 250 at night for two months then dropped it totally(I think April). Then father in law died, ex got married, no t doc there for a few months...so went back to pdoc (a new one, as the other one whom I loved moved out of state) who said, hey, you weren't doing so badly on the depakote, go backk on it.

I had used regular depakote before. Now it is depakote ER. (Never had side effects I don't think)

These meds are for depression and anxiety...New pdoc said folks with mood disorders can cycle too, whatever that means, I think like depression and then dip into deeper depression.

When I was off the Depakote I had a lot of anxiety & depressive cognition...

Question: Is anyone out there taking this combo of effexor/depakote or depa anything with effexor?

Question: If I took the old depakote, 2 250 pills at night, can I take the depakote er at night too?

I'm on my first week of the 250 mg depakote er...wondering when to add the second dose, and of course I forgot what the pdoc said, she may have said it doesn't matter when I take the depakote er. I just don't want to get tired or weird somehow; I didn't on the other fourmulation of the 500 depakote.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, I know about not using milk thistle (actually DID get it prescribed in the winter to improve liver function; it makes the depakote not work too well, from what I've read here)

Does nicotine interfere with either effexor or depakote er?



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