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pills and laxatives...

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For 6 years I abused diet pills, taking several different types daily... I managed to stop a few years ago, but only because I was pregnant... Anyway, about a month ago I started abusing them again, only this time I'm abusing laxatives too... I don't know how to stop... Yesterday I went to where they are hiden and was literally saying outloud "no no no no no" but couldnt't stop... It doesn't help that Sarah (an alter) is anorexic, and she is able to sort of control the body at times even when she isn't actually "out"...

Hoe do I stop? I know I need to... our heart and throat have already being damaged by ED related activities, and aren't keen on the idea of dying...

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I use to abuse laxatives, I'm a guy ;) however, I became obsessed with losing weight! I took the regular ex lax pink tablets 25mg two of them after every meal.

I was also taking Hydrocodone at the time, I did stop. I got down to 120 pounds and I am 5'10. I looked terrible. I just stopped, I used them off and on for about 6 or 7 months.

It took a while for my bowels to get back to normal, but they did. Not far down the road I had an ulcer, they didn't know if it was from the laxative abuse or not. I also stopped the Hydro cold turkey.

Hope you the best.


Edit: you mention an Alter, I too have those, Billy, Matt, William, Christopher, and a few more I will not name. I have a Dissociative Disorder, and it stems from my childhood and school years as I understand. It takes allot of therapy to get this under control, and I use to write my therapist, all letters were totally different people. Though I know I'm Billy, But I do have alters.

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