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ECT appeared to have worked wonders


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I recently had 12 bilateral ECT sessions.

I was so happy it worked, i had been through 6 phospital admissions in a little under a year all of them being 4 weeks plus but nothing worked. I had tried everything bar the MAOIs.

packets and packets of ssri, boxes of nris, a combination snri, mood stabilizers, AAP, Typical anti psychotics and we i was going no were. stuck.trapped. During the time of all these hospital admissions i had x number of suicide attempts, each one was worse then the other until i was in a coma.

Finaly the Idea of ECT was mentioned and i said go for your life i wasn't scared 12 sessions, 3 a week for 4 weeks and wow did it work. It not only worked but it was a mirical. I was able to function as a person again.

I got released from hospital started to work again, enrolled in uni, started exercising, eating and having good hygiene.

I couldn't of asked for anything else


recently i have not been sleeping, not eating then binging with a million laxatives, alcohol drinking and the worse one drug seeking, being completely inappropriate, speaking and bambaling along whilst feeling sad, lonely, depressed and anxiety ridden, i cant get rid of the anxiety and the panicy feeling. Almost like something is missing, i lost all the good ect gave to me.

Were did it go? how do get it back? who stole it? what stole it?

I have an appointment with my tdoc on friday and my pdoc next week.

advice if possible what can i do to keep a little bit of sanity before i see my doctors?

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