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Another one, although I may just be the worst.

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Hello, I'm the newest one to the ranks of this board. I may give an overview to why exactly I am here. (VERY long, sorry.)

SI- I'm a rather notorious cutter, and although it has slowed down due to my parents finding out, I still struggle with it.

Suicidal tendencies- This is a big one, I bet you hear a lot about this.

Possible bipolar disorder- Undiagnosed, but although this sounds insane, my moods leap and fall regularly. (usually going from low to lower to high to lowest in sudden jumps) So I sort of diagnosed myself. Even if I'm not bipolar the moods are a serious issue.

I think I am an animal- People say this is a bad thing, but I'm a fox. Just so everyone knows.

I have intense desires to hurt people- especially children. Ugly or loud ones are the worst- I barely control it. I don't understand why this is, but I have trouble controlling the waves of anger and bloodlust. Help with controlling this would be amazing.

Severe, severe phobia- Of, don't laugh, Vomit. I panic and try to stop it in any way possible. Including forcing strangulization onto the said vomiter. I run and scream so loud that my throat goes raw and I can't talk. I hit, I kick, I bite, I cry, I howl, and I try to hurt people. I am completely incoherent and primal and have nearly been hospitalized for this on two occasions and my mother threatened me with the police. Who, at the time, I would have attacked.

Irrational fears- I am terrified of finding a corpse in my closet or a zombie in the kitchen, or, from a dream, my dog in the barn.

Social fears- I am dependant and petrified of being left, horridly clingy.

Home problems- Mental abuse.

Self worth- This sort of goes along with suicide but I never feel worth the food I eat. Oh, that's another thing.

I'm addicted, or so I believe, to junk food. Since I stopped cutting, I seek food as a source of comfort. No matter what kind, but usually junk. If there's only healthy stuff, I starve myself.

I know that's quite a list, but that's the major stuff and stuff I can halfway name.

I hope this site is good like I've heard.

-Moonfall (you may call me Moonie, moonfall, MF, or anything else.)

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MF, welcome to Crazyboards. I hope you will review the rules (which you should have seen when you signed the user agreement).

There are lots of great people here and they have a lot of knowledge about mental illnesses and treatments. I hope that some of the information will be useful to you.

We also talk a lot about therapy, nutrition, exercise, and other ways to get healthy.

So jump in and get acquainted. Feel free to PM a moderator if you don't understand something.


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