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Hi, my name is M and I'm a guinea pig

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I don't know which category to post in, but this one sounds fine.

Some background: I started out with major depression, a specific phobia, ocd and social anxiety. Ended up with bipolar I, general anxiety, insomnia and the specific phobia.

I've been on every imaginable antidepressant the past 20 years (calls for a celebration!) - and eventually ended up on Epitec (lamotragine), which really works for me. My "cocktail" is now 250mg Epitec, 100mg Eglonyl (sulpiride) and 25-50mg Seroquel (quetiapine). Low dosages, I know. Also confusing that I'm being treated with an anti-epileptic and two antipsychotics!


1. I've been on the lamotrigine for more than a year now - and gained about 20kg! I know it's not supposed to have weight-related side-effects... Anyone else with this problem?

2. I've been on the sulpiride for 3 days now, and haven't been able to sleep through the night (waking up at 2-3 am, cleaning the house...); EVEN THOUGH I take 50mg Seroquel. I used to take Seroquel a while back, and then 12.5mg knocked me out for 10 hours!

My psychopharmacologist has been trying to find a balance between keeping the depression and manic episodes under control (working) and treating the general anxiety state, phobia and insomnia, which seem more difficult to control.

Any comments?

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