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exercise on muscle relaxants

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i've been taking muscle relaxants for the past month or so (diazepam, so it's also a benzo, obviously) for TMJ. i also have a device that is going to help correct the TMJ problem, so it shouldn't be too much longer on the diazepam. technically i am supposed to take 10 mg twice a day, but that is too much for me, so i take about 10 mg once a day (although i have skipped a couple days).

anyway, i have a pretty vigorous exercise regimen that includes a personal trainer three times a week as well as tae kwon do. recently i have had several muscle strains or injuries, most of which have gone away within four or five days. i do rest when i feel that the strain or injury requires time off.

however, i am wondering whether taking a muscle relaxant might be contributing to these injuries....like is the muscle relaxant allowing me to kick too high in tae kwon do or not allowing me to feel signals from my back muscles when i've gone too far or whatever? i presume the muscle relaxant may make one less strong, but does it also allow your muscles to stretch or exert more than they would normally thereby causing injury?

also, when i stop taking the muscle relaxants, which should be pretty soon, is the withdrawal from that going to make me unusually tight and prone to injury during that period?

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