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Ahh! My social life is going terribly!

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There isn't much of substance to report. I'm taking my medicine, I see a psychiatrist, and I see a psychologist. But, I just feel like screaming! I'm pretty good with people, and I build up meaningful relationships.

But, if I'm not surrounded by people 100% of the time, I go CRAZY and irrationally think if every reason why EVERYONE isn't contacting me... I must not be worthwhile, I must be an un-fun person, etc.

My best friend didn't answer his phone... it must be because he HATES ME or he has something MORE IMPORTANT than me going on. I talked to him earlier today, sure. But, that was only by txt.

I used to not have ANY friends. Now I have friends, but I don't see what they see in me. And, I'm afraid maybe they see nothing in me long-term. And, I don't know how to get over this!

All in all, I'm freaking out right now... I'm afraid to take any more Klonopin, I might take a Seroquel (Well, I will, just not sure how soon, cause I don't feel like going to sleep right now), because I'd rather freak out!

I'm not being very rational right now. I'm being very emotional. I'm angry, I'm jealous, and I'm crazy!

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