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  1. 1. Have you noticed yourself learning slower, or learning less? (only people with psychosis)

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I've always been a good student. I've always been able to pick up on things very quickly, and retain information. After I went schizo, I noticed that my cognition has become progressively impaired. What does this mean? Well, I've noticed that it takes me longer to learn and retain information. Specifically, this happens in regard to mathematical information (especially with chemistry).

So, have you noticed this happening to you?

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I know I have cognitive symptoms, but in school I had severe anxiety and it actually helped me. Because I was an extreme perfectionist back then I got great grades. I couldn't sleep and at school its difficult to concentrate but because I tried so hard and anything less than an "A" was a complete failure, I accomplished my goals. I still have difficulty concentrating and remembering and my cognitive symptoms are very inconsistent. Sometimes I learn and remember with ease, other times I can't learn anything new or even think for that matter. School helped me in the good old days because it took me away from my symptoms such as the depression. Focusing on something and having a structured environment helps me, without it I fall apart. But I know my doctor wrote down I have a "low cognitive level" meaning I am not that smart. While I did get great grades in school, it was mainly easy classes and not much homework or tests. And on the tests it was mainly multiple choice and I am good at guessing. I also studied hundreds of hours a day never getting sleep. It was a true miracle that I got such good grades even though I am not smart, my IQ is around 82. That is known as "Borderline Intellectual Functioning." Sometimes can remember something that took place a million years ago with lots of details, but at the same time not remember more than 30 seconds ago. On certain subjects I am able to retain information but anything challenging that you need a high IQ to learn I simply can't do it. Only in my obsessions I am able to know a lot on one subject. So, in the end I don't know if my cognitive symptoms are due to my schizoaffective disorder or just simply low intelligence.

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I can totally relate. For me, it's like after I take a test or complete a few classes I just forget everything. I was in a conservation program which required a lot of technical science courses (biology, chemistry, environmental science, etc.) and I've forgotten nearly everything that I've learned. It sucks. I can't retain information. When I read books I have to reread the same passage sometimes because I lose my focus and concentration. I have to constantly quiz myself while I'm reading to remember what I'm reading about.

I'm reluctant to finish my associate's in conservation because it's been awhile since I've taken classes and feel I have forgotten everything I'll need to take my remaining courses.

I don't know if our cognitive problems are from the meds or the illness. But, either way it sucks. My therapist said cognitive function can be improved with regular puzzle games like sudoku, ds games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. I'm going to invest in some puzzle books. Can't hurt.


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