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Hey there! welcome to CB!

I've told this story before, but when I was thirteen, for three months I had a panic attack. The reason was that I COULD NOT stop thinking that somehow, one day I would become a serial killer. It was all I ever thought about. I was also very afraid of bringing harm to loved ones. I have gotten over that for the most part, thought I stilll hate sharp objects and anything that can be used as a weapon.

This thing re-occured after I had my baby, so I had another episode of that.

And health related shit, I have that repeatedly, but right now, I think I'm too fucking depressed to be very anxious, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I could sort of relate to your story, I'm 23 and I don't even have a driver's license because I'm afraid I'll die or kill someone on accident. Heh, that sucks.

I hope you stick around, the forums are great, I love blogging, maybe you could check that out?

Good luck with school, I know how hard it is to function when your brain won't stop obsessing over things.

Also, this is the best support forum I've ever seen. Ive never been a MEMBER anywhere else, but I've lurked, and I joined this one because, honestly, it's the best. It's the only one for MI I've ver joined and will ever be a part of.

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What issues/symptoms did you have prior to these thoughts?

From the way you posted it it sounds like you got on an inappropriate med merry-go-round.

IF you hadn't had any issues prior to this I almost think "therapy" should have been tried before meds. Especially starting a med just before leaving for college and not having the prescribing doc near at hand.

This is just my 'thought'. Way too many things unknown. But you said "suddenly developed" and it seems your "psychotic disorder" came as a result of the meds!

My VERY off the cuff "Dx" is that you either had some fairly significant problems before this started or you have some fairly incompetent docs!

Please tell us more.

And don't take what I'm saying as any more than a 'sounding'.

Good wishes for a resolution no matter what the cause.

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