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Anxiety not ending

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Let's see, no formal diagnoses but most likely GAD, panic disorder, SAD, and MDD.  I SI and have a tendency towards food restriction alternating with binge/purges.

I'm currently taking 30 mg remeron, 1 mg clonazepam (.5 mg BID), and 20 mg paxil.  Remeron does wonders for my depression and absolutely nothing for anxiety.  Clonazepam is keeping me functional but not feeling good.  The paxil was supposed to help with anxiety and SI but isn't doing its job, the only things it seems to be good for are screwing with my sex life and making me put on weight.

I will be seeing my doctor next week and am going to request something other than paxil.  I've been at my current dose for five weeks and still constantly feel tense, jittery and as if I'm going to jump out of my skin.  I've had a few panic attacks and some avoidant behavior to go along wtih them.  I'm constantly nauseous and feel like I've downed a few too many coffees.

Anyway, I'm in the process of trying to decide which meds will suck less for me.  I've tried flouxetine in the past and it made me feel like a zombie.  I'm not looking forward to discontinuing the paxil because I know it will be hell, but I want a med that with WORK!!  My doctor had mentioned trying zoloft next.

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  I do not suffer from depression, and I do not SI, but I do have GAD. And, I have had a hell of a time trying to get the right meds. I have also been on remeron ( it pooped out on me after three years) and I take klonopin too.

  Something that seems to be gaining in popularity is a med that is usually used for high blood pressure and it's called clonidine. I was med resistant to so many drugs that I was getting really discouraged. But clonidine has really helped me a lot. What it does is bring down your adrenaline level, so you don't have that 'jump out of your skin" feeling.

  One morning I was having a major melt down. I took one of my clonidine, and not only felt better, but went on to have a fairly stressful day with no problems.

  Also there is no building up in your system like with an AD, or coming off of it. It is pretty much day to day.

  Now for your other symptoms, I don't know if this would be a good med for you, but for me it has really worked well. It seems more people are using it too, it might be worth asking about.


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With seroquel, you do usually become pretty tolerant to the solomnent effects (eg the fatigue) fairly fast, but the anti-anxiety, anti-obsessional and anti-psychotic effects you do not build tolerance to at all, which is the good thing about it.

I personally take it for OCD.  I am currently on a high dose, 800mg/day, but some people find as little as 25mg/day works wonders.  Its an option worth discussing with your p-doc if you have either OCD, GAD or another chronic anxiety disorder.

My p-doc is more anti-benzos than i used to believe.  He has me completely off valium now, and said he would prefer me on 900mg seroquel/day with no valium than 400-600mg/day with valium as well.  All dr's have different opinions though of course.

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