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what works for me

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For all you bipolar people with tons of anxiety, i thought i'd let you know whats been working for me for atleast 6 months now.

Started off with Lamictal. now at 200mg. not changing the dose

Added Klonopin up to 1mg whenever i need it for anxiety

Then added Effexor Xr, started at 37.5 now at 75mg.  not changing the dose.

started being really paranoid, and now am taking .75 of Risperdal.  Might go to a higher dose.

I messed with meds for the last 5 years and never stayed on anything long enough to know if it helped.  I always thought it made things worse.  Maybe it did.  But these meds, I started off at the lowest possible doses.. broke pills in half for the risperdal and worked steadily up when i felt no side effects.  I think for me, it was a matter of sticking wiht a med for longer than 2 mos, titrating up super slowly...

I do want to get off klonopin so i might exchange it for Buspar sometime in the future, but for now I'm doing what works.

Take Care,


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