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Anyone travel alone

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yep...actually, I have taken 3 cruises by myself & went to Italy for 2 weeks solo. Now that I'm experiencing my "dark night of the soul", I can't BELIEVE I had the guts to do those things and that I actually enjoyed them. Hopefully, I'll be able to think of doing those things again. Actually, one of the images I've conjured up for myself to relax at 3AM when I wake with a panic attack has been snorkeling in Jamaica.


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I'd have to second both the Adderall and the solo travel.  I recently started Adderall to augment other anti-depressants and so far so good.  I'm glad to hear it's working for you too.

If I can get someone to go with me, it's fun to travel with friends, but I decided a long time ago not to wait or I'd never get to go anywhere.  There's the added bonus of not arguing with me, myself, and I over the day's plans.  I've been all over the States, to Venezuela (on an assasination mission for Pat Robertson, just kidding!), and to England and Ireland on my own.  I've also recently traveled solo to Iraq for work, although when I got to the Baghdad airport my company picked me up with a convoy of armoured vehicles and armed security contractors.  But I must say the Jordan airport and that spiral down into Baghdad is a bit trippy by yourself!

I find during solo travel you manage to meet a lot more people than you do when you're with friends.  Just think of it as crazyboards on the Carribean!

Now there's a thought!  Maybe we can all go in on a big lottery pool, and then when we hit the jackpot, crazyboards can charter a cruise ship for a week!  That would be a trip the crew would never forget! ;)

Enjoy planning your trip and let us know where and when!

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