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Another funny conversation

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I was in the loony bin in early August and I had the fortune to fall in with the other bipolar folks. One evening, as we were all getting manic (as bipolars are wont to do in the evening), we were watching the news.

There was some catastrophe on ont news and the following transpired:

Hypermanic girl: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD? (followed by assorted gibberish)

Me: I don't know, really. We should just have bipolar folks run everything.

Manic guy: Yeah, that'd work out real well.

Me, noting his sarcasm: No really it would be awesome. We'd fix everything overnight.

Manic guy: Well, we'd fix half of the world. The other half wouldn't work and we'd blow it all up. Don't work? Fuck it!

Hypermanic girl: (insane laughter; throws table at television and gets Thorazine in her ass).

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What a crazy evening chat ;)

I couldn't rule the world because my bi-polar makes me too damn indecisive and i can't remember anything. The world would probably end up being pretty much the same as it is now!


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