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so very tired and cant sleep

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i have been tired for a long time

since i was 14 really (26 now)

in the last 7 years i have been repeatedly tested for anaemia and hypothyroidism and the like.

my gp puts it down to depression

but even when im euthymic or manic i still feel physically tired.

(when manic i bounce off the walls and am wide awake and buzzing but tired at the same time. i end up twitching and shaking and shit by the end of the week)

last night i was exhausted. i coulndt read,  i couldnt even watch tv.

i went to bed.

i lay there till 7 am.

every time i got close to sleeping i would 'snap' back to being awake.

sometimes i wake up with a sudden inhalation of breath.

which made me think maybe sleep apnea???

it was really bad a while back. i thought i was dying every night. i lay there and things would go black and there would be utter stillness and silence and i am sure i stopped breathing, then a gasp and id be back again. over and over again all night.

and when i do manage to sleep for a while i get 'stuck' in my dreams. they are so vivd i think they are real.

i wake up with headaches and feeling exhausted.

and often i try to focus on the room but everything is distorted and strange.

my family think i am lazy because i nap in the daytime and dont get out of bed till late cos i am trying to get some sleep.

i tried sleepers but they didnt help so my gp wont prescribe them again.

im fed up with being tired and having no energy.

but like everything else my doctor says its depression

just a rant



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Sounds like all the symptoms of sleep apnea.  I went for years like this until I reached the point were I couldn't go on living like that.  My allergist was acutally the one who suggested MODERN testing in a sleep lab. A CPAP machine has made a world of difference for me.

Poor sleep can make the rest of life absolutely miserable. Talk to your GP.

Please take care of yourself.    Go to the ER (oops "Accident & Casualty) if you need to.



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