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Hi all,

I just started and puled the plug on a featherweight dose of Geodon.  At 40 mg I got more manic than I've ever been (for me, not saying much.)  So I called my pdoc and he told me to up it to 80 and the mania would level out.  No way.  I started rapid cycling - manic until early evening, then suicidal for a couple hours, then manic again by bedtime.

So I called my pdoc's office again and got the guy on call, who told me to quit the Geodon (duh!) and call my regular pdoc on Mon.  So last night I didn't take the G. And I got literally zero sleep.  Still slightly manic, I spent much of the night switching between CNN and the Weather channel.  Now today, I feel like I'm getting the flu - chills, nausea, shakes, and STILL can't sleep.  Last night I even doubled up on the Seroquel and still no sleep. ;)

For the record, I also take Effexor, lithium (which I was hoping to drop in favor of the Geodon,) And Seroquel for sleep.

Is this experieince normal for Geodon?  What about the fake flu?

And how do these people stay in business, anyway?


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Good question.

I'm a featherweight; in college I had a running reputation for walking into walls after two beers.

I found that 12.5mg seroquel was giving me problems.  So I got creative and cut that in half for 6.25mg a night.  I find that works perfectly for me.

Yesterday, I plummeted all the way down, to within a hair's breadth of a suicide attempt.  Is this part of the Geodon withdrawal?  Or more generic me-being-crazy stuff?  Sad thing is, I don't feel I can ask my pdoc.  Getting caught once in the Public Health Butterfly Net has killed my trust in the system forever.

I'm feeling a little better tonight, but I'm still being careful.

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I was only diagnosed with bipolar a short time ago.  I was put on Geodon 40mg as I was going through some pretty bad mixed states at the time.  I took it at 6pm with dinner.  I didn't feel anything at all.  No change in my condition or any tiredness.  Went to bed at my usual insomniac time = 2am.  Woke at 5:30, tried to get out of bed and fell back down.  Tried again and barely made it.  My kitchen is 10 steps from my bedroom and I almost blacked out getting there.  Then I felt nauseated and weak at the same time.  This went on until about 2pm when it subsided after drinking some broth. 

Turns out Geodon can  make your blood pressure drop, but mine went overboard.  Anyway, by 10 pm that evening I was all better.  Actually, I was better than "better."  I was up all night fighting the urge to get out of bed to exercise and/or clean my apartment.  By 8am the next day I was alternating between laughing at absolutely nothing and breaking down crying because I felt like I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding in my chest. 

Saw another pdoc that evening who told me the same thing your's did.  There was no f*cking way I was gonna double the dose and the original one felt like it nearly killed me.  She gave me a sample pack of .5 mg Risperdal that calmed me down that night and the following morning but hasn't worked as well since.  It's been less than a week.  I still have to find something that works.

Hope you are able to get the help that you need.

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I havent taken Geodon (yet-heh) but I just stopped taking Risperdal yesterday as I felt so freaking anxious that I couldnt live in my own skin and now I have like the most BRUTAL flu symptoms. I am sweating to death and I am shivery and my skin is crawling and i feel nauseous and my head hurts.  I now realize that this is from stopping the risperdal. blah.

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Yeah ...

*Vent here, potential trigger*

I am so freaking frustrated that I'm ready to either pour all my pills down the gutter or take them all in one random megadose.  Can't take antipsychotics becasue they make me crazier.  Despite being on lithium, Effexor and seroquel I'm still suicidal at least once a week and mostly housebound with agoraphobia.

I'm even training a psych service dog just so I can get out of the house without diving for cover everytime a car alarm goes off on the next block.

To compound this, I'm under the federal poverty line on SSDI.  Last time I tried to get a job the company VP took me aside on my first full shift and told me 'We don't hire people with disabilities, and we're very upset that you slipped through our screening process.'  An ADA lawsuit is all well and good, but I'd rather just have my life back.

So I feel completely trapped; in my house, in poverty, and in my head.  My beautiful dog is about the only thing that keeps me going these days.

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I believe I read somewhere, not all that long ago, that APs can cause problems in people who don't suffer psychosis or have a thought disorder.  I wonder about all these pdocs who prescribe APs left and right for everything and anything...

So I feel completely trapped; in my house, in poverty, and in my head.

We've got a club for that.  Didn't you get your membership app? ;) Seriously, you're definitely not alone.  I know it bites the big one to be a virtually housebound prisoner to MI (and member of the po' folk).  I hope things get better for you soon.

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