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switching from Celexa to Paxil

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OK..so today is my 5th day of tapering off the Celexa & tapering on the Paxil. I'm taking 20mg Celexa & 15mg of Paxil until Wednesday, then going to 10mg Celexa and 30 mg Paxil for 1 week. So far, I just feel tired & depressed. I cry all the time & can't concentrate at work.

Today is my birthday & I felt so shitty yesterday that I didn't want to do anything with my folks or open any gifts or anything. I just feel terrible...I want this to end. When will I feel better???

I looked for support groups this weekend & can't find any in my area. I hate myself & hate my life.



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Gwen I know you are having some situational depression at the moment on top of your med issues. It may take longer since you have outside stressors right now.

Until you totally get over to the paxil for a few weeks, it is hard to say what to expect!

I hope you are sleeping and your situational anxieties will calm soon.

PS I Have now changed taking my paxil dose to twice a day, half in the am (10 mgs) and half in the pm (10 mgs). It has helped so much for ending the sleepiness and lethargy crap.

BOYD Im glad changing your time of dose has helped you also!


PS Gwen, Happy Birthday, I hope this year improves and turns good depsite the awful time you are having at the moment.

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Hang in there.. I just got back on 30mg of Paxil after trying Lexapro for a year.  I took my 5th pill today and feel like an ENTIRELY different person.  One week ago, I had a hard time pulling together full sentences, had 6-8 crying episodes/day, and I was so lethargic/depressed.. I couldn't accomplish anything, not good for a business owner. ;)  

The Paxil is working as good as it did when I started on my initial 20 mg dosage 10 years ago.  Thing about these drugs, they'll work great on some people and don't do squat for others.  For me, Paxil kicks in pretty much full throttle by day 5.  I pray it will for you to.  Make sure you take it first thing in the morning.  It can make you feel like you're on speed and compromise your sleep.


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Perhaps discuss with your dr a faster change over schedule. There is no need to gently taper off one ssri and trirate up another if they are from the core group (being zoloft, paxil, celexa, luvox & lexapro - prozac is different as is effexor). 

Advice given to GP's states a 0 day change over is perfectly safe and often less painful, as long as you are switching to an equivalent dose.  eg if you were on 40mg celexa, probably 40mg of paxil, maybe 30.

My p-doc did a quick change for me from luvox to paxil.  I was meant to do it over 5 days, but i did it over 3, because i developed serotonin syndrome when on the lower dose of both. 

If I had my time again, unless specifically medically advised to the contrary, I would stop my current ssri today (eg last dose as per normal) and commence the new ssri the next day, at the same equivalent dose.

There is the 1 in 10,000 risk of an allergic reaction, but if you are ok on 1 ssri, you will probably be fine on another.  If paxil ever poops out for me, lexapro here I come.

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That makes sense to me.... especially since I wasn't getting any benefit from the Celexa anyhow. The side effects of the Paxil aren't disabling to me. Maybe I'll try it that way.

I did feel a bit better last night. I was able to sleep from 10PM to 5:30AM without waking up once (with the aid of 7.5 mg Ambien., but still...)

So I'm hoping that the Paxil is kicking in. Wish it would go faster, though, as I'm still on the precipice. I talked to a couple of family members on my b-day, though & told them what was going on. So at least I feel a bit less alone with it. My Mom has been calling me every day just to say she loves me . I was surprised to find out, too, that my youngest sister has struggled with depression. I never knew that before because she doesn't communicate a whole lot with anyone in the family. She said that she totally understands, though, and is there for me whenever I need to talk.

That feels better. Thanks for your support & input, guys. I really really appreciate it. You all know what depression feels like..it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't understand. My co-worker keeps telling me to just think positive. Yeah, right!

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