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Change time to take med?

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I take my Cymbalta in the morning for about 11 weeks now.  Been xanax free (almost) for about 2 - 3 weeks.  I prev. was having trouble falling asleep and took xanax for that.  This has cleared up for the last few weeks, now for the last week I've been up and down at night which is new to me.  Nothing earth shattering has happened in my life lately, the only change is the gloom and doom of school starting for my kids on Wednesday.

Question is - do ya all think changing my Cymbalta to before bedtime would help this new up and down sleep crap?  Worth giving a try? 

This question doesn't have to apply to only Cymbalta users - just a generalized question. Thanks guys!!!!!!I can't stand this...

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For me insomnia or just several wakings each night comes and goes, it is never constant. I have changed the time of day and night I take my paxil several times now and finally settled on half in the am and half in the pm before bed.

I seem to not get the lull in the midafternoon with that overwhelming sleepy thing, and the other half dose doesn't wire me up at night.

When I have a few days of insomnia stuff I add benadryl at night.

I haven't had a normal sleep pattern for a long time but it is much better than it used to be.

ssri's can cause disruption of normal sleep patterns on their own, which is odd since they tend to make us so damn sleepy during the day!

You will have to experiement with the time of day you take your meds to see if it helps you at all. Like I said it is easier to adjust and fix daytime issues, much harder to fix sleep.


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