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If you Don't Hear From Me...

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Dear Stasis -

Please don't.

I've been where you're at more times than I care to remember and I know it's horrible.  I also know it's not forever, it just seems that way.  And if you leave us, who else will write their posts in your wonderful sort of free-verse poetry style?

Have you ever read "Archy and Mehitabel" by Don Marquis?  It was written around 1920, I think, and is a series of newspaper columns that Don Marquis faithfully reported after he came to his office early one morning and found Archy the cockroach leaping about on the keys of his typewriter.  Turns out Archy was a free-verse poet in an earlier life, and he writes wonderful things about all the night-time goings on in the alleys around the offices of the Baltimore Sun.  Mehitabel the alley cat claims she was Cleopatra in an earlier life and ate fish at every meal, but Archy doesn't really believe her.  It's very tongue in cheek, and I think you would like it a lot, and it would give you something else to think about for at least a few minutes.  Your library might have it, or if not, powells.com used books probably has one somewhere - then you'll have to stick around at least until the book arrives. 

I know you know all the drills about calling your pdoc, and calling a hotline, and calling a friend you can trust, so I won't give you a the usual speech about them.  And I know you're taking your meds, but it sounds like they need a tune-up so I won't lecture on the crisis call, but I hope you can reach your pdoc soon and make some adjustments in your meds so that things get back on track for you.  I hate to hear that you're in such a bad spot.

I will leave you with part of a post I wrote earlier about suicide in Indiana in a lame attempt to make you smile a bit.  If you don't have a sick sense of humor like I do, I apolgize in advance: 

I moved out of Indiana because there wasn't anything there tall enough to jump off of, which my wonderful pdoc there found amusing.  He had a great gallows sense of humor and could understand my frustration at the possibility of being forced to end my life by jumping off a barn or something. 

I just couldn't face the possible ignominy of suicide by leaping from a grain elevator.  Plus if you did you'd probably land in a hog pen and for the next forty years everyone down at the feed store would discuss your demise:  "Yep, she landed right in the middle of the hog wallow.  You shoulda heard 'em squealing!  Made a hell of a mess.  Had to hose her off afore we could put her in the back of the truck and carry her on down to the funeral home.  Hell of a mess...."

I love my meds, I do I do!

Let us know how you're doing, Stasis.  We're thinking of you.  I'll be looking for your posts. 

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Me too, I'll hang on if you do.  Ya can't do anything rash, it just messes with the rest of our abilities to hang in there.  We are all a group of loving caring people who via the internet form tight circles around each other and reach out and care.  If there is no one around you to reach out to, reach out to us.  We're all here for you.  Life does suck, but it is worth sticking around for.  Peace to you.

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real Bad

if I don't post


at least every couple days

barring technical trouble

I'm dead



Stasis, are you ready to set off a chain re-action?  I read this and thought well if someone who has so much going for him is going to leave, why should I, who no longer has anything to give,  bother to stay.  Please post and let us know you are okay.  I just cannot bear another funeral right now, on-line or otherwise.  I need ALL of my online friends.  Sulu

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please, please don't.  you were kind enough to wish me a happy birthday when i was feeling sorry for myself.  we would miss you; your input HAS been valuable to our community and i do not wish to lose you.

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Certainly, it is your right to do what ever you please with your body, but suicide is rather permanant. They are continually coming out with better meds and treatments.  Checking out is an option, but I think that you should give yourself a chance to live.  Bad, even real bad is a transitory thing, but when your down in the deepest end of the pit of depression, you can't see that. Please try to live.

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I would miss you Stasis.

I was so hoping for a better week after your new meds. I am terribly sorry you are so low.

Tell your family so they can get you help, now! (Hopefully you have done this today)

Don't worry about anything else, go get help, I will be waiting for your post.

I am very patient.


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Life is still Hell

But I'm still here

Thank you all

It's still serious

I hate everything

I'll try to see you tomorrow



Statis, I'm very happy we both  made it through today

tomorrow see us, please

we care


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Stasis,  it was so good to see a post.

I appreciate the effort it took.

Hold on.  Keep posting, it gives other's hope that they will have the strength to  bear through their hell also.

I pray for much better days ahead for all.

I am sending you a mythical Angel to wrap her wings around you and keep you safe until you are stronger.


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Still here folks

can't tell if I'm better

or different

I appreciate your support

no wonder

we all panic

when there's a problem

and we can't get on...

need to get all this rage

not just controlled

but understood

See everyone tomorrow?


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