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Happy or hypo?

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post on understand what is pathological and what is "quirky".  I've had some good discussions with my therapist on my concerns largely because of the support I recieved here.

So I am trying to understand where I am right now.  When I think of the manic spectrum I usually think I don't fit, that I am not extreme enough.  Over the last 10 days I have just been happy happy happy.  For one day I was antsy as could be, pacing the house, couldn't handle talking or being around people, kept feeling like surely any minute something big was going to happen, kept checking the phone thinking I might have missed an important call that would start me on some exciting path.  Since then I have just been great. 

So what is great for me?  I feel really benevolent, like I can be open and loving to everyone, like I have lots of good and generous advice.  I've been getting into some social situations that I would normally be very anxious about.  I like to stay up late, I am able to wake up with the kids in the morning and feel calm and happy rather than tired and grumpy.  I've been feeling like cleaning my house is enormous fun and have been wishing I had more time for it.  I went out to a meeting with a client last night and driving home I had no sense of how fast or slow I was driving, I was just totally into music, feeling it through my bones, wanting to go dancing though that is high on my list of things I never do, just having a stoned kind of bliss (minus the drugs).  Feel rather sexy and wonder what others are seeing/thinking about me. 

So is this just a mormal happy state?  This is why it is so so hard for me to get help and stick with it, because I will get to a place where life just magically unfolds for me, everything that was hurting just heals up, and I really don't know what all the fuss was about.  And every time it feels like it will last.  And it never has.  But right now I am thinking that maybe I did all the right things and maybe life is just going to be better right now.  I'm really not doing anything destructive so it is too mild to any kind of mania, yes?  Is this what it is like to just be happy?

Thanks for being an ear.

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It's hard to say.  I hope that things are improving for you and you are simply happy.  Keep an eye on things and if you see an tell tale signs that things are moving in a (hypo)manic direction than seek help.

Good luck,


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I feel really benevolent, like I can be open and loving to everyone...

Cricket, this is clearly dangerous and psychotic behaviour. Psychiatry can cure you of this disease.  Society will not tolerate this kind of pro-social behaviour.    ;)

Glad you have been able to have some happy and joyful times. Only you know what your typical and controllable behaviours are.  I would suspect that this is toward the upper ranges of hypomanic. As long as you don't do anything dangerous and you are comfortable then this is probably tolerable.

I suggest you sit down today and chart this out and then keep charting so you can see any pattern that develops.



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My wife and I were just discussing BP. She thinks I'm seasonal. .... I never considered BP to be seasonal.

Boyd, I found this interesting article not long ago on Dr. Phelps' site

More on Symptoms of "Soft" or Spectrum Bipolar Conditions:

"There are a number of atypical depressive subtypes that are distinguished by special features.  Since they are often episodic and associated with mood instability, they should be viewed as part of the soft bipolar spectrum. Included are the following:  seasonal affective disorder - winter-onset atypical depressions..."

I hope the Lex is just "doing its job" for you, too.  But keep an eye on it!

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