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I just don't care...

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Do you ever have those times when you're down lower than usual and just don't care about anything?  Even ending things seems too much trouble.  Hearing the tragedies in the news, reading threads here, etc - nobody's troubles seem real to you. You're even looking at your own problems as though they're 'over there, somewhere' and it doesn't matter.  Nothing can reach the place you're in but you don't even know what place it is or how to get out or even if you want to get out...it is an emotion free spot.  Might as well not be here at all spot.

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I'd say welcome to the club

but we don't wanna be here

seems like an epidemic of


I don't got no advice

except what

the friendlies here

will tell you

it will pass

and you will live through it

so far for me it works

it's not easy or fun

and it's still touch and go

strange to feel like a coward

for not suiciding

or for going on with it.

Register,if you haven't,check in

we all care

even when we don't give a shit.


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We really need to get some sort of vaccine for this shit.  I think it is contagious. 

We all say the same thing, but that's cuz it is true.  It will pass.  You won't feel like this forever.  We are living proof.  Things do get better.  Keep fighting and keep us posted.

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