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Wellbutrin again

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Hi, I suffer from depression and anxiety and am currently taking 40mg Prozac and 5mg Zyprexa. That combo worked like a dream for three weeks, but has since seemed to "poop out".

I don't want to increase the Prozac, due to the sexual side effects (my libido has gone missing!), and have tried a higher Zyprexa dose with no benefit.

So, because my libido and relationship issues are so important to me (and are fucking me up considerably), my psych agreed to let me try Wellbutrin (or Zyban in the UK - it's only licensed here for stopping smoking).

I'm wondering about the cost/benefit though. I don't really want to be on three drugs, and I'm worried about the risk of increased anxiety and insomnia (I sleep OK at the moment with the Zyprexa). I'm guessing the dose will be at the low end - 150mg (haven't got the script yet)?

From what I've read, bupropion would be worth a try from the perspective of countering sexual side effects (and possible AD augmentation effects), but would I be risking horrible anxiety? Would my other meds mitigate against this? Any experiences or opinions would be gratefully received. I'm confused, and I think my psych just suggested the bupropion because I was going on so much about my side effects!

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