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As my user name states.....

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Previous lurker here from last year - been through living hell with various diagnoses and feeling like a guinea pig with all the various meds I've been given to treat my alleged "depression" which was turned into a Bipolar II disorder due to my freakouts to any med messing with Serotonin.

Finally found a therapist that (it seems) finally got it right.  I have GAD, most likely since childhood, and suffering from PTSD from numerous traumas - basically a backlog of crap dating back 20 years.  She assures me that I'm not depressed any more than the typical person, and even interviewed my mother and sister to help determine behavioral history.

We're now working in conjuction with a neurpharmocologist to try and find a medication to use along with behavioral therapy to help heal. 

This forum was of great comfort to know that I wasn't alone in all my fears.  Now that we're getting down to the nitty-gritty of working with something other than Benzos (which seem to be the only thing that keep me sane), I'm scared to death of what the future will bring.  More on that in the Panic/Anxiety forum.

Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm AnxiousasAlways, and pretty much fit the clinical diagnosis to a T now that we've scratched the surface and are starting to make some progress.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about other's experiences with all the various meds used to treat GAD and PTSD, and hope to not only find support, but share support with others who post here.



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hi AAA,

a highly belated welcome to the boards. i hvae major depression (official diagnosis) and have diagnosed myself (yes, always a fun pastime) as having GAD and mild OCD. i don't really know what classification my anxiety fits into, certainly some of it is social but i am in no way social phobic. to give some sense of me, when i get 'bad' with anxiety one thing that got me was riding the bus. although it was a route that i knew extremely well i would be stressing that it was going to turn on a new street and take me somewhere other than where i wanted to go. and that i'd have to get up and try to get off the bus after it made its surprise turn. it's like i had no confidence that it could still follow the same route it had always done.

so i have no idea where i fit into the anxiety realm really except that i know from experience with others that mine aren't bad.

i know that depression and anxiety are bedfellows so i pay close attention to my anxiety.

and one other thing (yes, it's about me too, lol) is that i have no history of trauma induced by anyone else. but i have begun to feel that the things that i've done to myself from having depression kind of constitute mental abuse. so i've recently become curious about long-term PTSD because i have suffered depression for about 20 years.

my meds currently are 225 mg effexor and 50 mg seroquel, the latter to help me sleep mostly. these meds were briefly doing the trick for me but aren't any longer as my depressions are again becoming rather bad. i have been on effexor for over a year now and my list of adjunct meds is: nortriptilyne, trazodone, remeron and seroquel. of these, only seroquel showed me any improvement at all.

so sorry my post on YOUR thread was all about me, but i guess i'm just giving you some info about me in case there's anything that you think you might find helpful about my experiences.

take care,


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