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There are some topics that we don't want to talk about here (even if that makes us close-minded):

1. Illegal stuff

Medical marijuana is OK, it's backed by some research and legally available here and there. As long as it's not used recreationally. Discussing recent research about potential uses of "illegal" substances (like MDMA in terminally ill cancer patients) is OK. As long as it doesn't involve obtaining or trying them outside of clinical setting. We're here to help our brains, not to screw them up even more.

2. Dangerous hormone therapies

That includes unsupervised use of Human Growth Hormone, androgens and anabolics. Using them on your own may be very harmful, and the benefit is not as big as some people claim it is. Those substances may be useful, but only when carefully prescribed by an endocrinologist (with experience, ability to prescribe blood tests etc).

3. Other high-risk drug treatments

This includes toxic substances, taking things in overdose, or using highly addictive substances off-label without a good reason (using opiates like Vicodin for depression isn't an option!).

4. Homeopathic remedies

OK, we are not going to ban you for discussing homeopathic therapies. But don't expect us to treat you seriously if you start recommending them. Don't like it? Look here.

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